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Industry and Services

Al magd is a leading company in sheet metal forming field using the latest technologies (machines and software). We produce all cable tray types perforated type, duct tray and ladder tray. And it’s fitting accessories. We also produce medium and light storage shelving system.

The company from start-up day do it’s best to be a special and strongest company in cable tray industry. so we use a specified materials, computerized machines, trained worker and good production strategy.

Our Target

Achieving customer’s demands with best quality and reasonable cost.
We use a specified raw material (pre galvanized, hot rolled and cold rolled sheets) to manufacture a product suitable for the local and international market.
Increasing our participation in the growth of the national economy and industry.

Our Services

We provides the latest technologies in both machines and software in the metal forming field, Our company produces all cable tray types including the perforated,duct and ladder type. also cable tray accessories , both light and medium duty metal shelving system.

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Perforated Cable Tray

The Company produces the Snap on shape, the U shape and internal flange in a huge varity of sizes and thickness.

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Cable Duct

The Company produces the U shape and internal flange in a huge varity of sizes and thickness.

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Cable Ladder

We provide 3 different types of cable ladder → the light duty, Medium duty and heavy duty cable ladder.

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Cable tray accessories

Cable tray accessories help route cables neatly and efficiently, preventing clutter, tangles, and potential damage.

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Cable Duct accessories

Many accessories, such as covers and dividers, contribute to safety by protecting cables from environmental factors

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"Light & Medium"

We produce light and medium duty metal shelving system according to its standard size and loading values.

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